“I remember one night when someone phoned me on my cell phone, ordinary person who I didn’t know, for Tahrir Square. He told me: ‘We appeal to you not to switch off the cameras. If you switch off the cameras tonight, there will be a genocide. You are protecting us by showing what is happening at Tahrir Square.’ I felt the responsibility to phone our correspondences there and to phone our newsroom and to tell them: ‘Make you best not to switch off the cameras at night, because the guys there really feel confident that someone is reporting their story, and they feel protected as well.'”

Wadah Khanfar, Director General of the Al Jazeera Network


Informazioni su Alba Chiara

I'm Alba Chiara Di Bari, a 22-year-old Italian studying a Master in Strategic Public Relations in Sweden. Love: Italian espresso, my celtic harp, my pentacle, metal/rock/folk music, my mobile.


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